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On Our Way To Wealth is a resource run by us, Casey and Andrew, that will show you all the tricks of personal finance.  We will show you through experience and research how to earn more, invest better, and keep more of your money so you can reach financial freedom ASAP–but what is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is money made by your investments that covers all your expenses without you ever having to work, so you have the freedom to pursue what makes you really happy.

Casey is waging war on individuals and companies who take advantage of people financially. He is sharing all the secrets of personal finance with 100% transparency and is passionate about helping friends and family become Financially Free!

Andrew is a freelance veterinarian with a passion for being his own boss. Follow him as he shows you how to start your own business as a freelancer (even if you’re a doctor!) to earn more money and build a life of freedom and passion!

Who We Are and Why We’re Doing This

Casey and Andrew started On Our Way To Wealth to spread passion and knowledge that will help people lead the most fulfilling lives possible!  We firmly believe that passion, purpose, and growth are the keys to a fruitful life and that getting to Financial Freedom sooner rather than later will enable you to pursue new endeavors without financial limitations.

Imagine being in a place where money had zero impact on any of your decision making–everything you do is now based on your personal values.  You can leave a job if it is not fulfilling and not have to worry about feeding your family.  Starting a new business venture in no longer risky because worst-case scenario you already have all of your basic expenses covered for life!  You would be free to pursue any passion, any calling, any purpose.  The goal is not to retire and never work again only to lay on the couch all day, the goal is freedom to pursue any endeavor and seek out new personal challenges without having to worry about money!

How many of you would chose a different job if money was no longer a factor?  I know a few talented software programmers who would rather spend time fixing cars.  I know a veterinarian who would rather start his own company and be his own boss.  I know a HIGHLY paid anesthesiologist who would much rather be a businessman and add some variety to life.  Some people love their jobs just the way they are.  But I can’t guarantee I will still love my job in 10 years, let alone 30 years in the same field!

That’s where On Our Way To Wealth comes in.  We want everyone to be able to pursue any passion without money being factored into the equation.  When you don’t have a lot of money, money seems like the most important thing in the world!  And all of your decisions will revolve around “do I have enough money for this?”

When you have enough money to cover your shelter, food, travel, and basic entertainment, money becomes much less important.  You will start asking yourself “will this make me happier?” Instead of worrying about if you can afford it.

We want to provide the knowledge necessary to achieve this level of Financial Freedom as quickly as possible while maintaining happiness and a fulfilling life as the #1 priority.  We will motivate you, teach you simple tricks to make the most out of your money, and provide guidelines and structured plans for you to create long lasting wealth.

The entire purpose of investing is to stop trading your time for money, and start trading your money for money!

Build your happiness on a foundation of emotional wealth, not the amount of zeros in your bank account.  The entire point of investing is to create income, so that you stop trading your time for money and are free to pursue other fulfilling endeavors.


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