On Our Way To Wealth February Update

Hello everyone! We wanted to update you on our current events, and what is coming up in the next month.


First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who attended our first ever workshop. It was a smashing success, and we will definitely be doing more of them in the near future. We laughed, talked, and shared some knowledge to change peoples lives! Make sure not to miss out on the next one! We could not have done it without our guest speaker, Kristy Tubbs!


Not only was this our first workshop, but we were extremely excited to debut our first mini-book at the workshop! For those of you who missed it, the title is “Creating Your Money Machine: Simplifying Steps to Financial Freedom”  We are giving this book away for FREE to any of our subscribed readers who request it. So if you want the book, make sure to subscribe to the site and send us an email at Onourwaytowealth.com@gmail.com with your address, and we will send it to you free of charge. Inside you will find topics like:  “The Secret to Building Wealth in 3 Easy Steps”  “The Psychology of The Wealthy”, “How to Set Up Your Money Machine” and much more!

February Topics:

The first month of the year is behind us! At this point, we hope you have your New Years resolution in sight and have a plan for a budget. This month, we are planning on focusing on financial independence, new business ideas, and making the most of the money that we have. If you have any topics that you want to hear about or any questions, make sure to email us at Onourwaytowealth.com@gmail.com

Book Club

Starting this month, we are encouraging our readers to join our book club! We will be naming a book to read over each month, and will be posting small updates on what we took from the book and what we learned. If you have anything that struck you as particularly note worthy or exciting, send us and email and let us know! We want this section to be especially reader focused. Kicking off for our first book is one of my all time favorites. “The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth” is available on amazon. You can get the digital version for just $0.99! Check it out


Thanks as always to all our readers. We are excited to continue on this adventure with you as we all journey towards personal wealth!


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